Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What were they thinking?

I guess the better question, would be what the HELL were they thinking?
If you haven't already heard a Las Vegas endoscopy clinic has infected at least
85 patients and possibly another 300 more pts with Hep C. If there is actually anyone
who reads my blog, here is a link to read more about it.

here is a little excerpt from this story:

"Authorities have said at least 50,000 patients may have been exposed to unsafe practices by clinic staff who reused syringes and single-use vials of medication during anesthesia. "

The story also states that the doctors that own the clinics have had their license suspended
pending investigation. What about the nursing staff, why have their license's not been suspended? These nurses know better and should not only have their licenses suspended
but should lose their ability to work as a nurse ever again.

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